Charcoal + Tea Tree Facial Scrub

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Activated charcoal sugar scrub purifies and deep cleans your skin. Tea tree oil is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, and helps treat acne. Olive oil is anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial - suitable for all skin types and hydrates deeply.

Directions: Apply small amount of scrub to clean, damp face in an even layer. Gently rub in a circular motion to exfoliate and cleanse, then rinse well with warm water. May need to use a wash cloth to rinse charcoal off completely. Use 1-2 times per week. Avoid getting water in the container to extend shelf life.

Ingredients: organic cane sugar, organic olive oil, activated charcoal powder, vitamin e, essential oils

*WARNING: Produced in a facility where nuts and gluten contamination may have occurred. Product not meant for ingestion.