5 Questions with Belma McCaffrey (CEO/Founder of Work Bigger)

Belma McCaffrey is the CEO/Founder of Work Bigger (www.workbigger.co), a career development platform redefining work. Through a membership community, Work Bigger helps individuals do work they love that makes a difference in the world without burning out. 

Prior to starting Work Bigger, Belma spent 10+ years in business development and strategy roles at companies like GroupM, Conde Nast and the Associated Press. 

She started Work Bigger while working full time at the AP and when her son was only 9 months old. Her work has already been featured in Forbes, Fortune, Complex Hustle and other media outlets.

You can find out more about Belma and the work she's doing at www.workbigger.co  and @workbigger.

1. What values and principles do you live by?

I'm always challenging the status quo - questioning everything and learning from everyone I meet. 

I was born in Albania and left when I was 7 years old. Several of my family members were persecuted by the government for their beliefs (and for standing up for their values). Challenging the status quo is in my blood. 

I also value diversity. I love connecting with people who have different backgrounds and experiences because it allows me to learn and grow. 

And lastly, I deeply believe in creativity and leveraging our human potential to solve some of the world's greatest problems. It's why I founded Work Bigger. 

2. What’s one area in your life you’re actively working on or looking to improve?

I don't know if there's one area I'm looking to improve because I think everything is connected. Who we are in our personal lives and how we show up at home also impacts who we are at work and how we show up professionally. 

If I had to pick one area though, I'd say patience. I'm always working to become a more patient person. Patience is key when you're building a business because things don't always go as planned. 

3. What's one new positive habit you've started that has made a big impact on your life?

Tuning into my feelings and monitoring my thoughts has been a game changer. As humans, we resist the negative. If we feel bad or uncomfortable, our initial reaction is to find a distraction or numb the negative feelings. However, as a result, we miss out on opportunities for growth. 

4. What is your biggest challenge when trying to be the best version of yourself, and what has helped you overcome it?

My greatest challenge is I don't know what I don't know. I believe as we grow we build our self awareness and start to understand what holds us back - whether it's a negative pattern, mindset or a specific skill. Getting to this point - where you have clarity on what's holding you back - takes time and personal development.

What's helped me overcome this is working with a life and leadership coach and investing in myself. I think investing in our growth is one of the best things we can do for our careers and lives.

I also try to stay open and vulnerable. Vulnerability allows me to show up as I am so that I can learn as much as possible from every experience.

5. What products or resources do you recommend that have helped you get to this point?

I recently finished "The Big Leap" by Gay Hendricks. I highly recommend it if you're looking to level up your leadership game. 

I've also invested in life and leadership coaching, Rapid Transformational Therapy and other healing modalities. There are a lot of resources out there for personal and professional development, and I'm always open to trying something new at least once. 

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