2024 Digital Journal & Planner
2024 Digital Journal & Planner
2024 Digital Journal & Planner
2024 Digital Journal & Planner
2024 Digital Journal & Planner

2024 Digital Journal & Planner

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Achieve your desired life with this 2024 Digital Journal & Planner that's focused on building habits to optimize your energy and well-being. Part journal, part planner - this book has a beautiful minimalist design and focuses on simplicity and execution, breaking down your year in manageable chunks.

This journal has 3 sections: Planning, Execution, and Review.

Planning: you take a step back and look ahead for the year.
  • What's your word of the year? How do you want to define 2024?
  • What new habits do you want to create? What currents ones do you want to break or reinforce?
  • What notable plans do you have for each month already? What do you want to add to your calendar?

Execution: focused on each month and each day.

  • Morning Pages to brain dump and get all the thoughts running through your head on paper. No need to ever look at these pages again. They're meant to help you clear your mind to start your day fresh.
  • A daily gratitude practice combined with intentional goal setting. By starting out each day intentionally, you'll be shocked at how much quicker you gain traction on your personal and professional goals. Reaffirming your priorities every day is a powerful practice to call in everything you desire.
  • Daily habit tracker to help you stay accountable
  • Note: You must duplicate the "Daily Ritual" pages, which you can easily do in your app.

Review: look back on each month and reflect.

  • What were the highlights? What notable memories did you make?
  • Assess your physical, emotional and mental energy levels and relationships and reflect on your scores. What changes will you make next month to shift your levels?

This file also includes examples pages at the end, filled out with ways you can use the journal.

Designed to be used with GoodNotes or Notability apps (should work with other PDF annotation apps as well, but it has not been tested). Can also be printed and bound. If you choose to print, make sure you print enough of the "Daily Ritual" pages to be used each day.

Please note: This is a digital planner. No physical item will be shipped.

I created this journal/planner based on years of personal journaling experience and what's worked for me. I've manifested a life that I'm proud of, where I'm continuously growing and learning, while also achieving goals and intentions that I set. Sometimes they're daily habits I'm trying to build, sometimes they're big goals that take me many years to reach.

This journal/planner is also simple. Other versions out there are overwhelming to me. Too many options, questions, and categories to track. I created this to focus on the most critical and defining moments.

- Due to the nature of digital files, once purchased you will receive an instant PDF to download that is permanent and therefore no refunds or cancellations can be offered.
- Please ask any questions you may have prior. If you have any problems with your download or file, please feel free to contact me and I will help resolve it as quickly as possible.
- This item is for personal use only, and may not be resold, remade, copied, redistributed or used for any commercial purposes.