Human Design Basic Blueprint
Human Design Basic Blueprint
Human Design Basic Blueprint
Human Design Basic Blueprint

Human Design Basic Blueprint

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Human Design is a wonderfully mystical system that combines ancient wisdom with modern science to create a personalized blueprint of your energetic makeup. By understanding your unique design, you can gain insight into how you best operate and find your flow.

This Basic Blueprint is a custom, personalized guide to your human design, created specifically for you as an operating manual. 

  • 25+ pages all about your unique design
  • Delivered as a downloadable PDF in 2 weeks (or less)
  • Custom-made to order

What's included?

  • Type: How you use your energy best
  • Authority: How you best make decisions
  • Strategy: How you create aligned opportunities
  • Signposts: How to know if you're on or off track
  • Profile: How to manifest your purpose in the world
  • Definition: How you best process stuff
  • Channels: Your gifts and innate strengths

What's required? Your exact birth date, time and place of birth. Once purchased, you'll receive a link to a form to share this info.

This is also a perfect gift for the special people in your life, from your partner, to your family, or even your team at work.

Coming soon: Ability to upgrade to your Full Human Design Blueprint, which includes everything in the Basic Blueprint, as well as information about your centers, which help you understand how to work with and overcome potential challenges.