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The permission slip you didn't know you needed...

Personalized Human Design Guide

Get a custom operating manual for how you're uniquely designed to live and lead. 25+ pages all about your unique design, created specifically for you.

Includes actionable tips around how to best use your energy, make decisions, create aligned opportunities, process information, and what your innate gifts and strengths are.

Get your guide.

Customer Love

Reading through my human design was such an eye-opener. It helped me understand some of the decisions that I made intuitively in my personal and professional lives and validated the way I feel in certain situations.

This is the closest description of what I know about myself so far out of all somewhat similar products: horoscopes, natal charts, personality tests, etc.

Maryna V.

I was sad when I got to the last page and wanted to keep reading more! I loved the quotes, reflection questions and ways to better align with parts of my design. It helped make it more actionable!

Anna C.

I loved it and want more. Everything feels so accurate and spot on. The length is perfect, long enough to be super invested but short, sweet, and organized enough to digest quickly.

Julie D.

At first I only read the headlines of each page, but immediately I was hooked and couldn't wait to dive deeper. As I moved from section to section, the story built in a way that made it feel like it was truly MY story. The more we can understand how we are natural designed, they more we can show up as we truly are. This blueprint actually served as another data point for a big decision that was weighing on me. It reminded me to really trust my gut and stay true to who I am - thank you for that!

Pooja P.

VIP women's leadership retreat

A different approach to professional development

May 18 - May 21, 2023

Spend 3 nights in the beautiful Catksills with an intimate group of like-minded women committed to their self-development.

The Details
During this retreat, you will dive deep into understanding yourself, how you best navigate the world, the type of person you want to be, what's holding you back, and gain actionable tools that will help you along your journey to becoming all that you are.


optimize your energy program

Intimate 6-week group coaching program

A masterclass for high-achieving women who want to get shit done and uplevel their performance without the stress and burnout.

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