Weekly Ponderings #24: Choose your stress.

Back from 5 nights in St. Martin! Spent every day lounging at the beach and reading a ridiculous young adult series about magical people that I can't get enough of 🧙‍♂️ (I'm eagerly waiting for book 16 to come out...). 

While the trip overall was glorious, there was a small issue that dampened the mood just a little:

Yep, that’s our rental car on day 2, spray painted by a stranger while we were at the beach (to be extra fun, they did the right mirror and the camera on the back too).

When we got back from a lovely afternoon and found the car like that, I could’ve reacted in two ways:

1. Flipped a shit. Wasted a ton of energy stressing over something that already happened and ruin a beautiful day.
2. Let it go and figured it out later. Not let it stress me out and ruin the trip.

I went with #2, which me a couple years ago would never have been able to do. However, I’ve been actively working on reducing and managing my stress by changing my mindset and the way I respond to situations for awhile now. And all that training paid off!

We both just went, “Ummm...ok, that kinda sucks”, drove back to our bungalow, googled a few videos about removing spray paint from cars, and that was it. We just moved on with our vaca. I figured we’d either pay money to Avis or to someone else to remove it, so it wasn’t worth stressing about. We drove around like that for another day before mentioning it to our Airbnb host, who happened to know a guy who owns a garage, who ended up removing the paint and buffing out some scratches for FREE (we tipped him of course)!

Wanted to share this story to remind you that while stressful situations throughout life are unavoidable, it’s possible to CHOOSE how you respond to them. You’re in control of your thoughts and actions, and you can choose your stress and where you want to put your energy. 

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