Weekly Ponderings #26: Latest obsession 🍌


Latest obsession is....

NICE CREAM. If you've been following me on IG you've seen me posting about it. It's so freaking good.

To satisfy my sweets craving this week, I made nice cream almost every night. I've been using frozen bananas, frozen mangoes, and splash of water or almond milk. That's it. 3 ingredients. Just throw them in a food processor (a super strong blender works but processor is easier) and voilà.

Today I got fancy and even topped it with some fresh mango, strawberries, shredded coconut, and cacao nibs. What is this, pinkberry?!

You can google "nice cream recipes" and find all sorts of delicious ideas. You can basically add in whatever you think would taste good - like chocolate chips, nut butter, fruit, cacao powder, whatever. You can't f*ck it up.

I made so much this week that my frozen banana supply ran out, and now I'm eagerly waiting for my bananas to ripen. 🙏

If you don't always have frozen bananas on hand, you're missing out. They're perfect for nights when you're craving something sweet. They're also great to add to your smoothies or baking recipes.

Tip: make sure the banana is super ripe, and you peel and cut them before freezing 🍌. 

In case you missed it...

Happy International Women's Day! 👇Word. Fwd this email to the ones in your group text.

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