Weekly Ponderings #11: what do you do for your dry, cracked heels?

Question for my New England friends -- when's the last time you went to Canobie Lake Park?? I went today with my husband and sisters and we had a blast. It's obviously a great place to bring your kids, but as adults with no kids (we left my niece with my parents)... I think it's even better. You have money to spend on all the junk food you want, you can go on whatever rides you want, you're tall enough to ride them all, and if you wander off and lose your friends you can just text them.

If you forgot this place existed, here's a reminder that it's still there! It was definitely a Sunday afternoon well spent.

Pro tip: go on a Sunday in late Sep/early Oct to avoid long lines and tons of kids. You can usually get coupons at McDonald's or on the Canobie website. I used my Windham, NH non-driver's ID that expired over a year ago to get in for half price. Win. 🙌


While it felt like summer today, in no time the leaves will be changing and the air will be crisper. And with the seasons changing also comes... DRY SKIN.

I've suffered from super dry heels for most of my life, but I took it to a new level this year. This past week my left heel cracked open, leaving me limping through NYC as I tried to avoid putting pressure on it. While it felt too early to bust out my Repair Salve, I smothered my heels with it before I went to bed last night, sealed it in with some socks, and woke up RENEWED. Honestly, I shocked myself at how effective my own product was.

I shouldn't have been surprised though, given I created this product to do just that: to repair and protect dry cracked hands, cuticles, feet or any other skin in need of intense moisture. 

It's made of the most moisturizing, nourishing ingredients:
  • avocado oil (rich in fatty acids and healing vitamins A, B1, B2, D and E)
  • olive oil (hydrating, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial)
  • coconut oil (rich in fatty acids, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal)
  • beeswax (antibacterial, helps skin retain moisture, loaded w/ vitamin A)
  • lavender essential oil (antispetic and anti-inflammatory, can help with wound healing)
  • frankincense essential oil (astringent, anti-inflammatory, protects skin cells, promotes healing)
Just 6 ingredients. Minimal and effective. How all products should be.

My multi-purpose Repair Salve is a best seller in the winter, but don't wait until then. Stock up on yours NOW.

Pro tip: keep a tin in your purse or desk at work for when your skin needs some extra TLC. Also a GREAT gift for parents and grandparents.

Hope you all have an amazing week! Get some rest tonight to prepare for that end of the quarter hustle. 💪


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