Weekly Ponderings #12: blue light is messing with you.

I've been really intentional about filling up my weekends this summer with things I Iove and really want to do, and as a result, they seem to last longer too. I end the weekend just feeling good, y'know? No Sunday scaries here.

Yesterday I started my weekend off with an infrared sauna sesh (blog post here about what it is and the benefits), and then my friend scooped me up and drove us to Bow Market, where I picked up some amazing vintage finds at WeThieves, ate delicious pierogis and arepas, got rejected from a bar because all I had was my non-drivers NH ID that expired over a year ago, and bought some quartz crystals that were calling to me. I ended the night with my husband at our first Sofar Sounds concert (secret, intimate shows in unique venues that are BYOB -- highly recommend!).

Today I spent the morning doing a health coaching consult with a client, then went apple picking with the fam at Parlee Farms, and ended the night with homemade dinner at my parents'.

It was a perfect mix of relaxing, being productive, and socializing.

Hope y'all had amazing weekends too! ❤️ 



Have you been retargeted by blue light blocking glasses on instagram yet or is it just me? If you have no idea what I'm talking about here's the gist:

Wth is blue light? Light is made up of particles that travel in waves, which range in length and strength. Blue light is one of the wavelengths.

Huh? So what? The main source of blue light is from the sun. This natural blue light from the sun is essential. It helps with regulating your sleep and circadian rhythm, boosts alertness and attention, and makes you feel better. This is why it's important to try to go outside and get some sun in the morning.

Ok so it's good for me? Yes, when it's natural and from the sun. But blue light is also found artificially all around us today, and that excessive exposure is not so good for you. It's found in anything with a screen (e.g. phone, computer, TV, iPad, etc.) and light bulbs.

What's it doing to me? The artificial blue light coming from our screens penetrates the eye and over the course of the day, it'll cause digital eyestrain, headaches, fatigue, dry itchy eyes, and poor sleep (it messes with your melatonin production!!). 

So what do I do to protect myself? Here are three things you can do today:

1. Decrease screen time: Spend less time in front of screens, especially at night. Less phone scrolling, less TV, less iPad, less computer, less of everything you're probably doing every night.

2. Add screen filters: Put your phone on nightshift mode to reduce the blue light emitted. Download the f.lux app for your computer so it auto-adjusts the screen's color temperature as the day progresses.

3. Use blue-light blocking glasses: There are a bunch of brands now that make non-prescription glasses that block blue light. I'm wearing my new Klassy glasses in the pic (had been wearing these cheaper less cute ones for the last year). I try to wear mine after the sun sets, and most definitely if I'm using my phone, Kindle or computer at night, like I am RIGHT now as I'm writing this email. You can wear them during the day too if you're staring at a screen all day, especially if you get frequent headaches.

OK - that's enough science for tonight. Just know that blue light is a real thing and it's messing with you -- find ways to protect yourself!

Heading to bed so I can catch my 6am train to NYC tomorrow. Follow along on insta for more wellness tips and inspiration throughout the week!


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