Weekly Ponderings #16: 3 easy, clean, gluten-free recipes ūüĎ©ūüŹĽ‚Äćūüć≥

I got sucked into watching Unbelievable on Netflix last night because I have a serious problem when starting new shows. So instead of writing my newsletter to you all and going to sleep at a reasonable hour last night I watched the entire series.

At least I managed to cook dinner at some point so I wasn't completely useless. I tried my Instant Pot for the first time, and the hype is pretty legit. I made one of Weeknight Bite's Instant Pot recipes last night and am now on Weeknight Bite rampage, so am sharing 3 of her recipes that I made in the last 24 hours.


All recipes and photos below belong to Weeknight Bite


Banana Protein Muffins. I made these tonight for breakfast this week (of course I had to sample one and it was delish). What I love about this recipe:

So you can eat a couple of these muffins for breakfast and actually feel good about it. They're filled with nutritious ingredients, and won't spike your blood sugar and leave you hangry an hour later like a normal muffin does. I'm definitely going to make a batch for my mother-in-law, who loves her muffins with her coffee.


Instant Pot Shredded Chicken. I made this for dinner last night (only need chicken breast and salsa verde!). Took 10 min. I had some Siete tortillas around so I made some quesadillas with the chicken. I used the leftover chicken today in an arugula salad. Great dish to make on Sunday to use for quick lunches during the week.

Instant Pot Turkey Meatballs & Spaghetti Squash. I made this tonight and it was my first time making spaghetti squash! One squash makes a surprisingly large amount of spaghetti...so I'll be eating it for a couple more meals. Some changes I made to the recipe:

  • The recipe said to cook the squash for 7 min in the Instant Pot, but it was a little too al dente for me, so I left it in for 10 min instead.
  • My Instant Pot is a tiny one so I couldn't cook the whole squash at once.¬†I had to do one half at a time but it wasn't a big deal.

Love that these meatballs are egg-free and gluten-free (uses almond flour).

If you're not following Lindsay @weeknightbite yet, definitely check her out. Her recipes are clean and easy with minimal ingredients... perfect if you're a lazy cook like me.

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