Weekly Ponderings #21: Creating new habits that stick

Happy Sunday friends! I'm soooo excited to share that my Optimize Your Energy Masterclass will be launching in Feb!

It's an intimate 4-week group coaching program for high-achieving women in startups who want to get shit done and uplevel their performance without the stress and burnout. I'll be opening enrollment in a couple weeks, so sign up for the waitlist to be the first to know.

This program is for you if you want to:
  • wake up every morning with energy, a clear mind and ready to tackle the day
  • go to bed every night feeling accomplished and not anxious about everything you didn't get done
  • give as much energy to your personal life as you do you work life
  • feel fresh, confident and ready for your week on Sun night instead of feeling like shit and guilty for binging on the weekend
  • feel in control of yourself, your time and your life

^^ how you'll feel after the course


I'm sure a few of you have set some ambitious 2020 goals that involve changing some of your existing habits. Some common ones I've heard from people - work out more, journal, eat healthier, cut out dairy, start meditating, drink more water, drink less coffee, and more.

These are awesome. But If you're just hoping to add these to your routine with no strategy, then I wish you much luck. Bc hope is not a strategy friends.

Here's my 4 Cs framework for starting new habits that stick:

CLARITY: you need a strong why for starting the new habit. You're not going to start running because your friend Judy told you to. It has to be a deeper internal reason for changing.

CONVENIENCE: make it convenient and as easy as possible. If you want to workout every morning, have all your gear ready to go the night before. Have your workout clothes out, water bottle filled, and sneakers by the door. If you want to spend less time on your phone, leave it in the other room - make it inconvenient.

CALENDAR: schedule it into your day / routine. You can actually add it to your calendar, or stack it on top of existing habits and use those as your cue for the new habit. Example - if you already journal every morning, add meditation before or after you journal.

CONSISTENCY: most importantly, consistency over perfection. If you miss a day or two, just get back on track as quickly as possible.

If you like this framework, we cover it in more detail, along with other tips and tricks, in my Optimize Your Energy Masterclass.

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