Weekly Ponderings #22: Get out of your daily rut

Can you believe this incredible weather we had this weekend??! It hit 70 today. wtf. It's back to winter temps this week, but it was lovely while it lasted. ☀️

Random Ponderings

I met up with a gf for brunch this weekend and we caught up on all things work and life. She works for a high-growth tech startup as well, and we talked a lot about how there's just always work to do. You spend your days fighting fires and running from meeting to call to meeting, so it feels like the only time you have to work is at night and on the weekends. To make you feel better while you're working at night, you occasionally do it with a glass of wine, which you know isn't really helping because you're moving a lil' slower, the quality of what you're putting out there is probably not as good, and it just spills over to the next day because you wake up feeling not as fresh. 

You know you should be sleeping earlier, but even though you get into bed at 10pm the next thing you know it's midnight. Your husband is up late working so you just stay up too. You've heard about how great meditating is for you so you download the calm app but how the f*ck are you going to add it to your already crazy day? You bought a journal because you want to start journaling but it's still sitting on your nightstand, empty. And you just end up feeling like no matter how much you do, you're never doing enough.

If any of this sounds familiar, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. I hear the same thing from all my female coworkers and gfs who work at startups. I experience it too.

But I want you to know though that change is possible. You can get yourself out of this rut and take control over your time and life.

In my Optimize Your Energy Masterclass, I focus on tangible tactical tips for REAL LIFE. 

Life is hard enough. I'm all about figuring out how to incorporate little, easy changes into your life for big impact. 

And because it's a group coaching program, you get to hear from similar, like-minded women about their experiences, struggles, and what's worked for them. Beautiful, amazing things happen when you get a bunch of women together. I've been part of the magic and seen it happen firsthand. ✨

I'm opening enrollment for the masterclass in a couple weeks -- sign up for the waitlist to be the first to know and to get $100 off with the early bird promo!!

I'm back to NYC tomorrow on the 6:11am Acela...so I gotta start winding down. Also, let's be real, I'm still recovering from our company holiday party last Thursday.

Have a great week friends ❤️ 


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