Weekly Ponderings #29: Inspo to move your body

We made it through 2 weeks WFH! Hope you all are staying sane, safe and healthy.

Unless you live in a mansion in the burbs or some awesome loft in the city, your daily movement is probably limited to a few feet between your bed and home "office" these days.

Keep reading for ideas to MOVE YOUR BODY and stay active during the quarantine.

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We start tomorrow ladies! 



1. Pull up bar (+assistance band for me): this is the most expensive thing we bought last week but it's gotten a ton of use already. My back is weak as shit but it's been fun trying to build up my strength. I do 4 and I'm sore for days.

2. Yoga mat: I already had a mat but it's been key these last couple weeks. I leave mine out during the day as a visual cue to remind myself to stretch in between meetings (I aim for a couple min at least 3x a day - morning, afternoon, and evening). My fav poses during WFH to loosen the tension in my shoulders, neck, back, and hips:

  • wide child's pose
  • rag doll
  • yogi squat
  • cat / cow

*Note: you can get yoga mats for super cheap, but they're most likely made of PVC plastic, which contains toxins and is not eco-friendly. Some eco-friendly, PVC-free brands include: Jade and manduka -- they're an investment ~$65+, but it's an investment in your health and the environment.

We bought a few more items (eg resistance bands, Perfect Push Up Bars), but the pull-up bar and yoga mat are the gamechangers for me.


1. Melissa Wood Health: I've been into MWH for a few months now -- I love her low-impact, yoga/pilates workouts. Most use body weight only (I have 2 lb weights I stole from my 82 year-old mother-in-law that I use lol), and workouts range from 10-45 min.

2. Peloton: I haven't tried this app yet, but some of the Optimize Your Energy alums are obsessed with it They have a bunch of on-demand videos, ranging from running, strength, yoga, meditation, and more. They also extended their free-trial to 90 days so def check them out. (Note: You don't need to buy the bike to use the app for other workout classes.)

3. Free IG Live classes: lots of studios and fitness instructors are doing free IG live classes right now. Follow some of your fav studios/instructors to see what they're offering! Check out @y7studio@YogaWorks Boston, and @izzyvanhall (my fav yoga teacher) for free yoga classes.

Equipment-Free Challenges

Another thing to try if you don't want to buy any equipment is just a 30-day fitness challenge, eg. push-up/ab/squat/etc challenge. You can google "30-day fitness challenge" and find a bunch of options.

Example of a 30-day push up challenge I just googled.

Challenges are a fun way to stay active and move your body without it seeming like such a big "to-do" mentally.



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