Weekly Ponderings #33: Get Out of Auto-Pilot.

Hope all you mamas had a wonderful Mother's Day! I spent mine with my mother-in-law eating Papa Gino's pepperoni pizza 12 feet apart in her living room (only restaurant nearby open before 3pm), facetiming my mom (while she was simultaneously facetiming my niece with her iPad), and hanging on my sister's stoop with my niece and brother-in-law.

While it wasn't our typical Mother's Day brunch, I think we did pretty good with what we had. However you all spent your days...at least it'll be a memorable one!

Random Ponderings

This weekend was also the LAST week with the April cohort of my 6-week Optimize Your Energy Masterclass (I'm taking a break before launching the next cohort, but you can sign up for waitlist here). We spent most of the call discussing tactical tips and mindset shifts around how to minimize the "healthy" rollercoaster - couple months on, couple months off - and instead, integrate health & wellness into our real lives in order to prevent the burnout.

The reality is it's not black and white - healthy or not healthy. And wellness isn't a destination. Sorry, but it's not some place you can get to and stay forever. But prioritizing it and integrating pieces of it into your daily life? Absolutely achievable. Of course what you choose to prioritize will ebb and flow with the seasons of your life. What works for you now may not work when the quarantine is over. Or even next week. 

The first step is learning to tune into your body, become more aware of what your body needs, and respond.

Your body sends you signs every day, 
through your brain fog, headaches, eczema, bloating, cravings, anxiety, unease, restlessness, etc. When you're wired, when you're exhausted. When you feel great, when you feel like shit. Your body is communicating with you.

Can you get out of auto-pilot, out of your head, and drop into your body and listen to it?

We all know the things we "should" be doing. Eat less processed foods, sleep more, drink water, move your body, stress less. But projects and deadlines happen. Board meetings. End of the quarter. Relationship issues. COVID WFH indefinitely. Life happens. So what you end up doing isn't aligned with the person you want to be.

Instead of feeling bad and guilty about it...1 question for you to ponder this week:

How can you take more aligned action in your life?

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