Weekly Ponderings #4: a wellness day for women


me with SHE Changes Everything co-founder Jennifer Klotz

I went to Chicago this weekend to attend SHE Day (Sustainable | Healthy | Ethical), a one-day women's wellness conference hosted by sisters Jennifer Klotz and Heather Young and founders of SHE Changes Everything. They started SHE Day last year to empower and inspire women to take their health to the next level while giving back and supporting women, and this year it's in 4 cities (Orange County, Chicago, Nashville, and LA). The day was filled with:

  • A ton of information about diet, hormone imbalance, mineral deficiencies, blood sugar imbalance and more, and ways to address them
  • Beautiful products from sustainable, ethical, fair trade companies like Ten Thousand Villages (a global maker-to-market movement / way to shop for handmade, ethically-sourced goods from different artisan partners), DuHope (an org that creates a way for Rwandan women to exit sex work by making and selling jewelry), Mata Traders (a fashion company helping artisans in India and Nepal), and others
  • Healthy snacks and low impact exercise sprinkled throughout the day
  • A coffee mug swap (bring one of your least favorite mugs and take a new favorite home!)
  • Vibrant women who were excited to learn and take control of their health

I highly recommend the event to any woman who wants to learn more about how to approach their health in a holistic manner. Jennifer and Heather are so passionate about empowering women through knowledge, and their energy is contagious. Follow these ladies @shechangeseverything and listen to their podcast episodes of Critical Conversations.

My dream is to host a similar event here in Boston one day! Message me if this is something you'd be interested in attending.

Random Ponderings 

Find yourself wanting to work out and catch up with a friend, but don't have enough time in the week? Do both together!

This week I did a SoulCycle spin class (~$40 for a 45 min class?! That company is killing it...) followed by dinner with my girlfriend. If you don't have time for a full sit-down dins, just grab a juice and walk to the subway together. You get 5 min before the class and 15 min after the class to catch up. Sometimes that's all you need to laugh, love, and feel loved.

There's nothing like a good endorphin boost from exercise + quality friend time.


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