Weekly Ponderings #7: full moon vibes ūüĆĚ

Random Ponderings

This was my mood all week. My anxiety was at an all-time high and I was feeling low for no reason I could identify. I was unmotivated, I didn't nourish my body with foods that make me feel good, I didn't sleep well, I was low energy and low vibe. There was no triggering event. All the feelings just snuck up on me and I couldn't shake them.

My friend randomly texted me the above quote and it made so much sense. My emotions were a mess.

One thing I do when I feel this way is journal. I put pen to paper and free-form journal without really thinking. I try to bring clarity to my feelings. So I woke up yesterday and poured my jumble of thoughts into my journal. I then posted on instagram about it and another friend of mine responded with:

"Full moon two nights ago ūüėČ! It brings up ALL the things!"

And shared this article by Chani Nicholas with the Full Moon horoscopes, which BLEW my mind. 

I'm not really into astrology (just because I know nothing about it, not because I don't believe), but the article was SO accurate for me and resonated so much that I was freaking out. I then continued to vigorously journal about all the things.

My friend also told me to "enjoy reflecting and to wallow in it all -- that's what the full moon is for!"

As strange as it sounds, it wasn't until I read the article and received that permission from her that I felt myself settling down. I was able to acknowledge that nothing was wrong. I didn't have to force my way out of the discomfort. I was allowed to just sit with it. To feel all the feelings. Everything was as it should've been.  

You may think all of this is too woo woo for you or just complete bullshit. It's ok if you do.

Just know that if you were feeling off this week, you weren't alone.
I'll leave you with these beautiful words from the article:

"Celebrate this full moon by simply being a little more present to the love, pleasure, and connections that fill your life with joy. Feed your loves honey. Kiss more. Hug often. Create altars everywhere you go. Beautify your path and feel the blessing of being able to do so. Offer flowers and flirtatious affections to any and all Goddesses you come into contact with. Connect with all rituals that remind you what feels good, right, and holy to your whole system."
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